“One reason behind building [reads] was to encourage people to spend more time offline and to learn through discovery. We noticed that there was a general shift happening in reading culture—  the more we progress with technology the more we crave time away from it. We thought, maybe we can help people live more intentionally, have confidence, think more clearly, act with empathy, and react better to the world. Working with kids books also motivates us to think about the future—we want to help shape the type of kids that grow into considerate adults that can hold conversations without distraction and be kind to one another.

We also wanted to create something that puts people back in the role of taste making. Our generation is so used to amazon recommendations and familiar aisles at the bookstore, that we rarely go to an unfamiliar section and choose a book that we think we wouldn’t enjoy, right? Well [reads] is doing just that— we’re giving you books you wouldn’t normally choose for yourself.”

Friends Emma Stevenson and Rachael Yaeger have recently launched [reads] a subscription and delivery service of both adults and children books. The vision for their modern literary offering is to “learn forever” and to inspire people of all ages to discover books, spark new ideas and develop conversations. Think Anni Albers’ only notebook, Werner Herzog’s Of Walking in Ice, photography book by Robert Adams The New West, and The Odd Woman and the City by Vivian Gornick…