A soft landing

“…arriving to one another, into spaces we’ve missed, the ones we won’t walk away from and those that await our return.

Days punctuated with tenderness & songs to keep us company
Gently, onwards. May you always land softly”
Before March store’s intention is to invigorate our emotional connection with the items with which we clothe and adorn our bodies and spaces.  Curator Melissa Mikletic, who runs the store’s in-house heart-led brand Sunshine Symbol, has always treated the space as an extension of her home.  A name that has given pause, to look back as well as strive ahead. Before March refers to the first seed of the business’ beginning, an homage to it’s first rough deadline.  We re-introduce you to Before March through their latest image series ‘A soft landing’.

‘A SOFT LANDING’ series for beforemarchstore