Anita, Downtown LA

A place that once thrived on the luxuries of neon lights and extra strong martinis, Downtown LA can still hold its tune, nowadays, however, it is sung in hand painted signs and washed-out walls…

Photographed and styled by Greta van der Star, each look hints at both the eloquence and worn-in feel of the location: silk shirts with sailor pants and warm sunlight with deserted streets — all paired together to celebrate the charm, the friction and the romantic history prevalent in Downtown LA.






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TEXT Yasmine Ganley

PHOTOGRAPHY and STYLING Greta van der Star


Shot 1 | Sherie Muijs No. 17 Shirt in Oatmeal, Striped Crew Neck tee and Vintage Sailor trousers from Passenger Shot 2 | Penny Sage Aerial Skivvy in navy and Warm Up trousers Shot 3 | Penny Sage Hammid pinstripe jacket and trousers, Vintage Camisole from Passenger Shot 4 | Sherie Muijs No. 6 Shirt in nude, Penny Sage Aerial Skivvy in navy Shot 5 | Sherie Muijs No. 1 Silk Shirt in ivory, Penny Sage Warm Up trousers