ARE Studio SS23

‘Time makes the object’ is never truer than with an everyday leather bag. ARE Studio believes that bag-designs should serve as a clean slate for each person to make their mark and personalise the bag they carry, depending on the everyday staples they pack. A leather bag is, perhaps, the most independent item you can own (unless you own those CDG tops where you can stuff your treasures into). Minimal (and without hardware) ARE Studio’s collections are timeless. Their buttery leather softens through wear, becoming supple enough to move with you. This sort of sums up the ARE wearer, in a way: they appreciate quality craftsmanship, but don’t want to be worn or owned by their accessories. Their value is in the way they ARE, not in the way they are visible.

This is their new collection:






Photography by Jane Cody
Concept & Styling: Cecilia Bordarampe and Jane Cody
Featuring Kayten Schmidt on location, along the Pacific Coast near Point Mugu.