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Aurel Schmidt for Opening Ceremony

New Yorkers may have noticed that the sign that greets you at the Ace Hotel store for Opening Ceremony is in fact a composition of trash, food, blood, cigarette butts, and other grotesque, everyday debris that can only be attributed to one of our favorite artist’s signature hands, which is that of local artist Aurel Schmidt. Having just seen her wonderful pieces at the Whitney Museum of Art, as part of the Whitney 2010 Biennial collection, I am not surprised that her artistic career is taking off right now.

From this original work Opening Ceremony have developed eleven tee shirts each containing one letter from the original sign that is hung instore.  These tees are now hung in the shop window, spelling out O-P-E-N-I-N-G -C-E-R-E-M-O-N-Y . With each letter printed on a custom destroyed, frayed, and pre-loved off-white unisex t-shirt.

See below for shop window images, Aurel’s Whitney 2010 Biennial pieces and each lettered tee shirt which you can now buy for $60 each!!

The tees hanging in the window of Opening Ceremony

The Whitney Biennial piece of Aurel Achmidt’s. Amazing.










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