Beautiful Imperfection

Mahsa — Beautiful Imperfection collection, part two. Photographed by Greta van der Star, featuring Veronica Crockford Pound.

Beautiful Imperfection Part 2 echoes the essence of Mahsa’s first collection, and continues to celebrate the beauty that comes from embracing a little imperfection. Raw fibres including muslin, voiles, and linen add texture and charm to the collection, doused in frayed edges, billowing sleeves and soft bows. Paired against a backdrop of mid-century design, a Japanese inspired garden, and an Italian check bedspread, this season’s campaign allows us into the home of the Mahsa woman — grounded, generous and gentle.



















Mahsa Winter 167269


Mahsa Winter 167270






Mahsa Winter 167497

Photographer: Greta van der Star
Muse: Veronica Crockford-Pound