Breakfast with Georgia

An outdoor breakfast with Italian filmmaker Georgia Tribuiani at her Los Angeles-based home.

Georgia 2


“In Italy, there are rules but you can also make up your own. Especially when it comes to driving! I feel lucky living in Los Angeles. I like being able to enjoy air-dried washing.”


“I was never encouraged to read classic children’s books with princesses and their princes. My mother was concerned with the feminist notions prevalent between the lines. She preferred me to look through their collection of art volumes, you know, the classic paintings, the masters, of which I vividly remember looking through as a child.”


“I try to take on a balance of commercial and personal projects. I love driving to Venice for work and coming home again, the distance and separation is good for me. I try to leave the weekend for everything else.”


Georgia 1


Georgia Tribuiani | And so it goes

Images by Yasmine Ganley