Capri at Los Muros Gardens

In the midst of a heat wave in the Sonoran Desert, Greta van der Star photographed Tucson-local Capri at the Los Muros Gardens where the only house rules were ‘Be kind. Smell the Roses. Eat more tomatoes.’

Speckled with fantastical cacti and rambling roses with frilly names, Los Muros set a palette of terracotta, flame blue and a shy, dusty green.

Venturing outside just before the sun went down — the day’s heat finally starting to break, Greta recalled she could almost hear the plants breathe an extended sigh of relief as their leaves cooled against those passing moments of twilight.
















Originally created for anyonegirl x NEST TOGETHER, see full feature [here]

PHOTOGRAPHER & STYLIST | Greta van der Star
MODEL | Capri from Ford RBA
LOCATION | Thank you to Brad for use of the Los Muros Garden in Tucson
TEXT | Yasmine Ganley