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Corinne Day, The Face

As August 27 2011 marks the one-year anniversary of Corinne Day’s death, next month sees Gimpel Fils gallery, Mörel Books and Whitechapel Gallery all pay homage to the legendary image-maker. Gimpel Fils gallery will be exhibiting Corinne Day, The Face in the first-solo show since her passing.

Taking its title from the Feburary 1991 fashion editorial, Heaven is Real will be published by Mörel Books to coincide with the exhibition, featuring unpublished photographs by Day taken in the late 80s and early 90s.

Turning the direction of the camera onto Day, Whitechapel Gallery will be screening Corinne Day: Diary, 2002 directed by Mark Szaszy. Offering up an intimate and compelling documentary portrait, the short film traces Day’s life between 1992 and 2002: exploring her fall from grace when in 1993 her photographs of Moss were regarded as glamourising drug abuse and anorexia; her own battle with a brain tumour in 1996; and how in 2000 her exhibition at the Photographer’s Gallery, London launched her back into the public eye.

‘Corinne Day, The Face’ runs at Gimpel Fils gallery from 1 September – 1 October. Heaven is Real is published by Mörel Books and out in September. Corinne Day: Diary, 2002 will screen on 25 September.

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