Do you remember the rain?

The latest expression from Melissa Mikletic of Before March, woven with photographer Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd and musician Stephanie Cherote, explores the three women’s reflections on an encounter with rain.

Dressed as her body double, we were swiftly instructed to become one. Hold hands, lean in closer. Photographed by our bridge, Ilsa, who brought us together, three embers quickly built a small fire.” — Melissa Mikletic

Do you remember the rain?
How it fell with such percussion
Dewy galaxies on the pane
As we confessed that of memory’s stain
And slept through its constance
All was hydrated
It’s never fallen quite the same
And in the downpour I remembered to breathe
We were strangers then
Veiled by a woollen sky
Her winter tears an offering
That marched among us
And sparked a joy
Magnified by seams of light
The day tore open
And I remained grasped by an eternal grey fever
Do you remember the rain?


Photographer Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd

Art Direction & Wardrobe Before March Store

Muse Stephanie Cherote

Body Double Sunshine Symbol