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New Zealand-based jeweller Nat Peri quietly sits between two aesthetic notions — ultra modernist and organic purist. History will tell us that those who have struck a perfect balance between the two, have indeed created something that is paramount to the exclusive. Familiar in texture and palette, Nat’s locally-sourced stones have been handled with the kind of respect that only a nature-lover can provide, allowing their natural form to shine. Accents of hand-tooled silver hold the collection together — clean-lined hardware plays in contrast to energetic shapes in which the maker’s hand is welcomed and visible. I love the sense of time prevalent in each object, too, suggesting Nat’s instinctive response to her materials, as well as her tender approach to creating.


Where did your fascination with natural stones stem from?

I think it was from when I was small growing up on Taranaki’s west coast beaches. There was always pretty stones washing up. I was a tomboy, always in rivers trying to find greenstone until I was told you couldn’t find greenstone in the North Island.

I like the way your Jasper stones are kept in a relatively organic state. This feeling extends into your metal works where you can see the hand in the work. Can you talk about your process in refining the balance between organic and sculpted?

I’m always designing with simplicity in mind. At the moment I like the feminine energy in curves and random texture, balanced out by masculine, bold, and heavy shapes. I design mostly through play, using basic hand tools which feels primitive and allows me to remain connected to the work.

Who is the Natalia Peri woman you are designing for?
What ideas and feelings are important to her?

I would like to think she is someone who’s independent in her own style, she could take a piece of jewellery and make it her own. I’m always trying to design jewellery that could be worn everyday to the point where it almost becomes a part of its wearer.

Can you tell us about the environment you like to create for yourself to work in?

For now I work from home in our living area in front of a big window to make use of the natural light. Having children in the same space means I’ve had to learn to be really organised and tidy, locking most tools away if I’m not using them.

What was the last you saw, heard, tasted, or read that really moved you?

I love the brioche pastry at Love Rosies Bakery, it’s an art form to get it that good.

Can you tell us about your sustainable approach
that is present throughout all facets of your brand?

My ethics are based on my morals and I apply them to every part of production. There are no big runs of jewellery pumped out of rubber/silicone moulds. I craft every piece from scratch, it’s a slow way to manufacture but more fulfilling as a maker. A key ethos for me is transparency, I like to know where things come from so if I can’t trace back the origins I don’t use it. I now have a really simple supply chain with most of the materials that I use being manufactured in New Zealand including my stones and packaging.

What are you currently working on,
and what can we expect from Natalia Peri in the near future?

I’m always researching and designing, working on getting my look book together along with finalising packaging so I can (hopefully) stock my jewellery in a couple of New Zealand boutiques and beyond.

















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