Bringing movement, form, and curiosity to otherwise flat and obstinately shaped everyday objects such as plates, platters, and vessels are the origins of the ceramic offerings by softedge

Pasaggio is a visual presentation focused on the nature that strengthens this resolve—both conceptually and environmentally.  Shot in and around the studio where maker Layla Cluer designs and produces her pieces, she, alongside photographer Marlee Pasinetti and art director Linnea Gröndahl, chose to actualise various pieces from the collection by returning them to the grounds where they were devised. Alluding to the notion that before any creative form can be known outwardly, it is invariably held inwardly. Playing with time and form can mingle the two inspirations, characters, or places of origin— both the frame of mind, and the visual or environmental elements this was borne of. From there, deciphering which step in the process holds more providence is a distinction that is difficult to untangle, they all appear inextricably linked.

Ceramics Soft Edge Studio

Photographer Marlee Pasinetti 

Art Direction Linnea Grondahl