Port de Bras

The overtly feminine and romanticised practise of ballet is explored in photographer Tasha Tylee and stylist Natalie Pluchinotta‘s latest editorial. The series embodies their youth, both having grown up in the world of dance. Innocence, vulnerability and intimacy play key roles, with flowers by Cecilia Fox and shot in Melbourne at Studio Local.


[Styling credits:

Images 1-7
Billie wears: – Acne Studios earring – Anita Ov top – Baserange underwear – Stylists own tights
Flowers by Cecilia Fox (as seen throughout)

Images 8-11
Georgah wears – Acne Studios earring – Bella Redman-Brown corset – Amy Thomas one leg pant – Base Range shorts and detachable sock

Images 12-15
Bridie wears – Amy Thomas top – Acne Studios pants – Bloch ballet shoes

Images 16-19
Alejandra wears – Arnsdorf top and pants – Bloch ballet shoes

Images 20-25
Millie wears – Baserange cardigan and leotard – Anita Ov tights – Stylists own ballet slippers]

























Photographer: Tasha Tylee
Stylist: Natalie Pluchinotta
Hair and Makeup: Greta Keddie

Bridie at Viviens, Billie at IMG, Milly and Georgah at Duval, and Alejandra at Chadwicks

Flowers by Cecilia Fox
Location: Studio Local