URSA MAJOR AW18 | Collection No. 08

“Collection No. 8 stemmed from a pivotal moment in my life: the loss of my father.  I found myself with a deep, emotional attraction to Victorian Mourning jewelry…no surprise.  But the unfolding of this difficult time, combined with a family trip to Italy to spread dad’s ashes, and the maturation that I felt, became evident in the inspiration as the collection turned to something more, and became more of a renaissance for myself creatively, and in reference.
As with all of my work, I sought to combine the old with the new, and although my references may be specific, the goal was to leave the pieces with a more obtuse association, so that each person can come to it from their own place, allowing for the individual connections I cherish so much.” — Kate Jones, designer of Ursa Major.

The body of work from designer Kate Jones is one that I continuously come back to, not only because Kate and I are friends, but because I admire the way in which she steers Ursa Major — comfortable to take on unchartered territory, and unaffected by the industry’s trends or movements, the brand continues to offer up accessories that are personal, and because they are personal they are inherently classic.

Stella Berkofsky photographs the eighth collection from Ursa Major in Italy. Where else.




















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