Weaved Life Series

Marta Rubio documents a dialogue between Floca, a crafted knitwear brand, and Idoia Cuesta, a Spanish artist, both with a deep connection to Galicia and its culture.


Surrounded by native forests, centennial oaks and the Miño river; right in the heart of deep Galicia, lies Idoia Cuesta’s workshop. A place enticing creativity all by itself. She loves to experiment with all kinds of fibers, from chestnut wood tapes to my favorite, natural wool; any thread-like thing is susceptible to be weaved and turned into a masterpiece. Her work navigates between ancestral tradition and contemporary art, working with natural fibers and connecting art to nature in the most brilliant way.

Floca, for its part, envision a laid back approach to wearing clothes, more conscious and honest with ourselves and our two homes: this only planet and our own body. Floca believes that well garments are inherently sustainable, specially if they are locally sourced and crafted. The sense of durability and slowness is what inspire the collection of timeless, serene pieces for a simple and essential living, knits that connect you with nature through the soft touch of wool.

Photographer Marta Rubio

Model Iris del Val

Clothes by Floca

Artisan Idoia Cuesta