Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Woman

Anyonegirl x NEST TOGETHER collaboration featuring New Zealand-based brand Mahsa, celebrating a gentle approach to syncing our body and mind

As much as our daily practice of yoga is for the strength of our muscles and the wellbeing of our internal organs, it is also for mental clarity and focus. By honouring our own physical structure, yoga gently syncs our body and mind. We find ourselves encouraged to listen to our exterior influences and how they are then interpreted internally.

From an holistic point of view, we appreciate yoga as a way of checking in with one’s self, a moment to survey ourselves from the inside out. It becomes our personal entry point to understanding a bigger philosophy: approaching our daily rituals with grace and respect, accepting the time in which they take, and enjoying the experience.

[Mahsa ‘Bush Green Leggings’ support our limbs and allow for ease of breath throughout our yoga practice.]







Originally published on Anyonegirl x NEST TOGETHER


MUSE: Sarah Kee

HAIR: Tommy Stayton at Stephen Marr

SKIN: Ashleigh Skiffington of Lucy and the Powder Room

WORDS & IMAGES | Yasmine Ganley