Atlas — A Literary Medical Publication

Atlas is a literary medical journal based in New Zealand, edited by Helen Ker, a 6th year medical student, and designed by Lily West, a graphic designer and musician from Wellington.

The publication provides an alternative to the strictly scientific discussions that we have a tendency towards in medicine; recognising that there is far more to illness and suffering than pathology alone. It is aimed at an audience of both doctors and non-medical people who are interested in literature, health and exploring the human body through an artistic lens.

The publication features writing from doctors, medical students, patients and writers, and is sold in seven bookstores around New Zealand, including Unity Books Auckland and Wellington, Time Out and the Women’s Bookshop.

Issue 02 explores the relationship between the body and our social, historical and physical environments. In particular focussing on:
— The intersection between gender identity and mental illness.— Why cultural identity matters in practice, and how we can make medical consults more culturally appropriate for Māori patients.

— How our body responds to its immediate external environment, how spaces like bedrooms and universities can change our bodily affect.

— The introduction of Western medicine in India as a tool of the British Empire.

—A collection of poems and prose on medical experiences including anxiety, Crohn’s disease and schizophrenia.




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