Ceylon Shirt

Lucky Dip & Precinct 35 present the Ceylon shirt, a collaborative project between Tuhirangi Blair & Prakashan Sritharan.

Continuing Lucky Dip’s study of fabric and its provenance, the Ceylon shirt is a study of exotic fabrics that are found in Sri Lanka. Motherland to Prak Sritharan, vintage garments worn by his grandparents (Sari’s & Sarongs) were sourced and deconstructed to create a canvas for a one-off style shirt that celebrates the vibrancy & heritage within everyday dress, unique to Sri Lanka and the rest of South Asia.

Limited to thirteen shirts in total, 10% of each shirt sold will be donated to the Red Cross Pathways to Settlement programme for refugees arriving to Aotearoa.  Shot in Prak’s hometown of Hamilton on family members this incredible project launches on November 6th…

Photographer Joe Dowling

Styled by Prak Sritharan