Claire Oswalt for Sans [ceuticals]

The idea of personal rituals is at the heart of Sans [ceuticals]. Investigated by psychologists and widely documented by anthropologists, the roles rituals play in our lives are extremely therapeutic — connecting body and mind, enhancing creativity, and making us more effective.

First in the series, is Austin-based painter Claire Oswalt. Sans focus on Claire’s most tried and tested practices, from reenergising creativity to family traditions, and find that Claire applies a notion of refinement to not only her work but also to her everyday.

On reenergising creativity:

“Chuck Close once told a close friend of mine that Inspiration is for Amateurs, implying that making art is work just like anything else. I fully relate to that. One of my few rules in my studio is just to show up. Even when the work is sub-par, I just keep working, shifting, painting. I like the idea that I am gathering knowledge or tools regardless of whether I am completing a piece.”

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Images by Leigh Patterson.