Dress Up — Heart to Heart

Melbourne-based designer Stephanie Downey of DRESS UP is presenting her Autumn Winter 2018 collection Heart to Heart in a bespoke pop-up space at 27-29 Johnston Street, Collingwood from May 2nd to May 29th
Building on the success of Downey’s acclaimed 2017 short film The Dinner (nominated for Best Film and Music at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2018) the Heart to Heart space continues the label’s study of the private process of getting dressed, alongside the experience of being in the presence of others… 
With a growing community of women embodying part of the story, as documented in the DRESS UP Dinner photo series, the Heart to Heart space affords a place for new and existing devotees to engage directly with the wares, aptly fitted with a dinner table setting that forms the centerpiece for the space.
Paintings, also for purchase, by Seth Searle feature on the walls as do campaign images shot by the designer Stephanie Downey.
A playlist of female folk music curated by Laila Sakini, featuring artists like Sibylle Baier, Kim Jung Mi and Colleen, provides for an affecting soundtrack. Listen to DRESS UP: HEART TO HEART playlist [here]
[Opening hours are 10-6 Monday to Saturday, 11-5 Sunday.]










Images of Laila Sakini and Seth Searle in store by Stephanie Downey.
Images of store interior by Cinelixir.