ENA Vintage

ENA Vintage is an ever evolving assortment of pre-loved clothing. Hand-picked from California, this is the store’s curated guide to pieces that unite under the concepts of longevity, craftsmanship and quality. With a strong focus on fabrics and design value, ENA Vintage is in response to the ever quickening cycle of new to old. “Vintage to me is about focusing on garments that will last a lifetime rather than a single season. It is about adopting a slower reaction to the fashion system, while highlighting the idea of up-cycling. Within the ENA landscape it offers a garment a renewed life along side contemporary pieces that speak the same value. Recognising these pieces value is to bring the focus back to craftsmanship and quality design, oppose to time.” — Nadya France-White, Director of ENA









Photography — Grace Gem
Direction — Nadya France-White
Hair — Henare Davidson
Model — Gemma Osbourne from Kirsty Bunny Management