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Friday Feels Like: The Big Snuggle

It’s Friday. The last day of the “working week” (whatever that means anymore). It’s the day where it feels as if you are allowed to roll over for a third time in the morning, but you’re not. The next best thing is to jump into something snuggly and do the walk-around-sleep-in; warm tea in hand, put some music on, check up on emails, pat the cat…. you get the idea.

Friday Feels Like (or more so- wishes it felt like) “the big snuggle”. Garments that prolong that sleep-in feel but have you looking sweet enough too if the postman should drop by. I stumbled across this designer yesterday, Lauren Manoogian, who does “the big snuggle” so very well. These photographs are of her beautiful, new AW13 collection, currently showing at Maryam Nassir Zadeh Showroom, photographed by Darroch Putnam. Enjoy!

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