A collaboration between Mexican brand Golondrina, Yasmine Ganley and artist Ophelia King…

being undressed



The art of dressing.

The art of undressing.

The art of being undressed;


not by a person, it is more a state that follows an action.


Let your hands travel the ridges, follow them and then hold onto your ledges.

These are the cliffs that will carry us.


Something old with a new gaze;


Like the dunes that your hills of hips have newly acquired.

That a lover says is their favourite part.


                  hips are for hands too, ours and our lovers



See it with feeling and without function;


Lie long and then twist,

notice as skin pulls tight.

Stretch and stand with a chin to the sky.


                  ephemeral imprints left behind



A vessel to reflect the blessings and never the curse;


Tense fists become splayed palms,

hunched necks roll up into pillars.

Breathing into the push pull.

The fallen lash that offers a wish.


                  a foreign flower limp



dressing, undressing, undressed.
















Text credits:
Figuratively Speaking [Ophelia King, Emma Gleason and Nina Lloyd]

Image credits:
[Yasmine Ganley + Jiho Yun]