Mother Muse

An exclusive — our interview with Mother-Muse magazine editor Shereen Jupp

Tell us about where you live, and why you chose to raise your family here.

My family and I live in Vancouver, B.C. My husband and I were born and raised here. We love the vast amounts of nature and greenery we are blessed to have surrounding us. I love the versatility of being in the city but if we want to escape to the prairies or the mountains it’s only an hours drive away. Nature is a big part of our lives and I want my children to experience its beauty and appreciate it, so we are in the perfect place for that.

And your children!?

I have two little ones: my daughter is the oldest 2.5 years and her name is Adaline Rose, she is a very independent little soul who loves to challenge us. My son, Oliver Bodhi is almost 9 months old and he is such a happy soul and filled with so much light. The two of them are similar in the sense that they both are very strong willed and explorers. I find my son is much more sensitive than my daughter. It’s beautiful watching them grow into their personalities.

Why did you decide to start Mother Muse magazine?

Mother Muse was inspired through my own motherhood journey when I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. I struggled with postpartum depression being a young mother and not resonating with the things I loved prior to motherhood. The motivation for me was creating something I needed for myself, thus Mother Muse was born – a coffee table book devoted to mothers.

Mother Muse stands for such a beautiful sentiment, with absolute intention and equality. What are some of the important directions and concepts you think about when curating stores and features?

I really just follow my heart with Mother Muse, everything for me has to feel organic. The stories and images that captivate me the most are those that celebrate raw kinds of beauty… stories that share the intimate bond between mother and child.

When creating each issue, do you consider what your children will think of your work when they are older and look back on your body of work?

I hope they look back at it and feel a sense of pride that their mother curated this out of passion and on her own. Hopefully they think it’s cool too!

What other important lessons or values are you aiming to teach them right now?

Important lessons at the moment are: teaching them to share, be loving to each other and respect others. Oliver is still very young but my daughter is at the age where she is a sponge and her brain is just taking in so much, I am really trying to teach her to communicate and talk to mommy and daddy about her feelings before she gets very frustrated.

Tell us about your own mother and your relationship with her.

My mother and I are very close, she’s always been my rock and is such a kindred soul. I appreciate all that she has taught me and how she continues to support my passions. It’s an example that being a mother never ends, and no matter what age you are, a child always needs their mother.

When life gets crazy and balance is just a joke, what core fundamentals do you hold on to?

At the moment I just go with the flow. My children rule my world and since neither of them are in childcare my work schedule is around them. I think I try to remind myself that I am lucky. It’s beautiful chaos what else can I say?… Just balance when and what you can.

When you have a day being just mum, how do you feel?

Hahah, somedays I want to cry and somedays my heart explodes with happiness.

And vice versa, when you get the opportunity to spend time working and creating, how does this make you feel?

It definitely makes me feel amazing, I seem to hit a reset button and feel like myself again. I think it’s very important for mothers to have that time to themselves and to not feel guilty about it. We deserve time alone creating, working, or just spending time with ourselves.

Of all the features you have worked on in the past for Mother Muse, what are the ones that still stick to your heart?

One of my favourites was my interview with Selma Blair, she is truly a beautiful soul and her honesty about her motherhood journey captivated me.

What direction are you hoping to push Mother Muse to for 2019?

I take pride in the organic growth of the publication and will continue to swim with that for 2019.




[images by Jaime Jupp]