Natalia Peri — Glass Collection

A new collection from New Zealand jeweller Natalia Peri photographed by Jess Hemmings


My partner’s parents have a beautiful place on a hill in Whangamatā that looks over the coast. From up on the hill you have a different perspective of the changing light and sky. The morning east coast sun streams in direct and low and so I wanted to use this to highlight the jewellery and have the morning tones of the sky as the background. The island seen in the shots is called Hauturu and can be walked to at low tide.

(With wood, rocks and leaves)

The focus was on the sculptural elements of stacking and hanging. Using found objects to support the jewellery, carefully placing and stacking, without the use of any other support, to let the jewellery hang as it would.

(White background with glass)

Exploring how the jewellery relates to light. I wanted to use the harsh daylight sun to hit the jewellery directly to create strong shadows and textures. I layered glass in and out of the frame to add objects for the light to travel through.


— Jess Hemmings












Natalia Peri Jewellery

Jess Hemmings