On The Road

Our road trip, in many ways, was accented by our vintage finds and the places we found them; Calvin Klein jeans in the perfect shade of blue, matte silver bauble earrings and cotton tee shirts worn thin…


Kate | Marfa Moons, from Marfa’s charity store, purchased alongside a point and shoot film camera. Image above: Kate | Double Silver Balls, the first purchase of the trip and the start of our vintage earring hunt.



Sherie | Silver Folded Egyptian earrings + Silver Faceted Fans, both purchased from the most memorable stall at the Melrose Trading Post markets.


Greta | Solid Silver Hoops from the best antique store in LA, of which we were eventually (and politely) ushered out of on closing time …


Greta | Gold ‘Figure of Eight’ Hammered earrings, purchased from the glass cabinet of the Palm Springs Antique Store and came in a very special ‘Joan Rivers’ branded jewellery box.

There was talk of taking these images in the rooftop pool at the ACE hotel (right on sleazy hour), when that fell through there was a new plan to take these images in the boarding lounge at the airport, however, with never enough time on our hands (and the fact that I had to get a handful of grape stones through customs), these images were taken at the girls’ studio a few days after we got home. (Thanks girls for finally entertaining my silly idea.)