Pablo by Curionoir

Curionoir release their newest Extrait de Parfum Pablo — Lemon, Frankincense, Cuban Tobacco Leaves, Freesia, Mimosa, Vanilla Absolute, Tonka Beans… 

This is a very powdery yet refreshing fragrance using Vanilla Absolute adds a heaviness to the base notes. The weight artist Pablo Picasso must have felt at times… But there is a clarity, and a clearness, and much charisma with the top notes: lemon and frankincense, layered with tobacco leaves (as he was ALWAYS smoking), and mixed with florals in his colours, of his paints and his emotions…

This is Pablo, not Picasso. 


This is burnt bougainvillier 
on a heavy humid evening
This is the sun, in its setting, 
turning everything to blood
This for Paulo, 
not Claude, not Maya, or Paloma.
This is for the hushed quiet,
The forbidden,
The forgotten, 
A lair.
This is the smell of smoke,
of passion and of fire.





Film and Art Direction by Ophelia Mikkelson and Ryder Jones