Seashells and Oui Oui by Jasmin Sparrow

Local jeweller Jasmin Sparrow focuses on bold and unapologetic pieces in both silver and gold. Olivia Renouf photographed her two current collections, Seashells and Oui Oui at Jasmin’s home in Auckland…

— Spiral Shell Necklace, Clamshell Earrings and Cowry Shell Earrings.

— Yves Ring, Serge Ring and Coco Bracelet.

— Belle Earrings and Belle Bracelet.

— Coco Necklace.

— Serge Ring, D’Orsay Bracelet, Clamshell Necklace and Yves Ring.

— Belle Bracelet.

— Coco Necklace.

— Cowry Shell Earrings and Spiral Shell Necklace.

— Yves Ring, D’Orsay Bracelet and Spiral Shell Necklace. (Top image: Coco Bracelet and Cowry Shell Earring.)