Silvia Conde — Cyclus

This exhibition is not about telling us what we already know. Instead, it wants to confirm that there is hope.

Cyclus is an exhibition of medium format photographs by Silvia Conde that engage in a visual conversation with artist Carla Cascales‘ large scale sculptures.

The Earth is a marvellous place that needs to be respected and protected. Life here is in cycles, where all the elements fit perfectly in order to guarantee the well-being of all living creatures. Humans are a part of these cycles too. However, because of our behaviour, we have stopped respecting them. The changes that have happened during the past decades have brought us to an uncertain future.

The installation consists of several Sapeli- wood hanging sculptures. They reflect the beauty and the balance of the cycles. On the walls, there are are pictures taken in Paratge de Tudela, a natural space that we have taken as an example of that hope. Back in the 60s, this area was hardly damaged by touristic exploitation. In 2005, the Spanish Government recovered it and restore it. Today is one of the most magical spots in the Natural Park of Costa Brava, in Catalunya, thanks to its extraordinary geology. The textures of the rocks, eroded during millions of years by the Mediterranean water and the Tramontana wind, are represented on the hand carving of the surface of the sculptures.

Cyclus is currently on display at ImaginCafe in Carrer Pelai 11, Barcelona until the end of June 2018.