Summer In Ibiza, The Wilderness Within Us

Her name means Dawn and she’s as still and as bright as an early morning can be. I met her in Barcelona a few months ago. Introverted and sensible, at the end of our first conversation she promised she would show us the mystic side of Ibiza — her sacred place. Indeed she did. She made us understand the wilderness and pureness both in the island and within us. We enjoyed our lack of inhibition while floating naked in the fresh waters of an abandoned pond and the sea. I realize now, I have never felt more freedom than that. Physically as well as mentally. When I close my eyes, I still recall the sensation and I hear the sound of the waves reaching the shore. I left convinced: Ibiza, I’ve felt you. And although we don’t belong there, for once we did. And we only have Alba to thank for sharing such magic with us.  — Silvia Conde

Alba Esteva is the designer of Fig Tree Collection
She is photographed by Silvia Conde.