The Herbe Perfume Ritual, in Three Acts

Herbe fragrances celebrate the Art of Pairing with their release of The Herbe Perfume Ritual, in Three Acts. The perfume ritual is delivered in a set of three differently shaped vials, each with their own dedicated ritual or act, and when used together they create a holistically sensual experience…

Act I: The Primer

Representing all things pure, innocent, cleansing and devout, The Herbe Primer is the first act of the ritual, working to effectively cleanse and prepare the skin. Pure in essence, devout in nature, delicate in scent and gentle upon application. The Primer is represented elegantly in shades of ecru, ivory and chalk; a tactility likened to porcelain, plaster and paper.


Act II: The Perfume Oil

The second act represents the fragility of the fleeting realm of scent. The Perfume Oil is an entirely natural botanical-base, refined and subtle in scent, opulent by nature and luxurious in application. The Perfume Oil nods to botanicals sourced from the earth and sea such as foliage and clay.


Act III: Our Activator

The Activator is the third and final act of the perfume ritual. Singular in concept, the Activator works to harmonise base layers of scent with the pheromones of the wearer. Romantic and amorous by nature, a masked bandit by persona and opulent in presentation. The Activator is represented in silver and red to suggesting all things lustful, passionate, wild and slightly sinful.