The Task Is To Become Capable

An sustainable editorial by photographer Filine Fink, writer Laura Schuller and stylist Lesley Sevriens, that looks at the melancholic and ambivalent side of spring without losing track of its renewing energy.
“Especially in the face of our current events, we think that it is a worthwhile occupation to examine all the different aspects of nature, the meaning of (re)birth and the interconnectedness with humankind. We might find some sort of comfort within it.”

Here lies human nature
We are the creators and destroyers
Nature recognizes no catastrophe

Its rhythm is universal
Its awakening coming time and time again

You were born and so you are free

With both pain and joy

Learning to live and die well with each other
In lines of intertwined entity
Will be the fiercest reply
We could ever give

Settle troubled waters
Rebuild quiet places
Wherever you are this will take you further on

There are myriad infinite progressions of matters and meanings

Hyphaes full of inheritances
A thread in the dark
This is nature as well

We do require each other
We become with each other – or not at all

What is it we are searching for
In this moment of intense complexity and those numerous ways
of numbing we created
Chasing a moving line
is never sanguine, but always energizing
The closer we are, the more it disappears beyond the human lens
Know that the final level will be no level at all
and then we’ll realize that we only have been foolish
Because the line does not exist
Until then however

we keep on being unprecise
But we do what we can

Resurrection is when one moment reveals the meaning of all moments
Sit in it
Feel it
The fragility of what we thought was protected

Don’t be fooled by the delicacy of the snowdrop
Its roots go yonder what you can see
And spring is coming
filling our lungs with that sweet crisp air that gives you life
It will also make us hazy and tired
In fact the line is a circle and we will soon give birth once again

In that regard like nature we will find
what has been lost
but hasn’t
what has been forgotten
but hasn’t

We will always keep on trying to harness the line
But we might begin to understand that lineage is something widespread
And we will always turn a sphere into something else
Because the hidden is always more valuable than the visible

We do need several days though, several seasons to see the difference which is all just the same old returning in the light and in the dark of one single day

Don’t be afraid, transitioning should be easy
May the first rays of the spring sun shine warm upon us















Filine Fink


Laura Schuller


Lesley Sevriens


Magdalena Wlodarkiewicz


Elisa c/o

Jil c/o www.

Raquel c/o