We are Nature

Orchard St. release collaboration with Australian artists Honey Long and Prue Stent, a series of photographs and moving image to illustrate their intimate connection with Mother Earth ‘We are Nature®’

“I’ve long admired the work of Honey and Prue, with its transportive capacity to broaden our perspective of our place in nature, and awaken a deep sense of appreciation for this landscape. I approached Honey and Prue with the brief to convey the underlying ‘We are Nature’ ethos behind all we do; that plant medicine has the potential to act as a conduit to connect us with reverence to nature, and serve as a daily reminder that we are in fact, nature ourselves.” — Orchard St. Founder and CEO Kirsten Shanks. 

Long and Stent’s practice is grounded in experimentation between bodies, materials and environments. The We are Nature® series of nine photographs were shot on location in Australia. “Our aim with the photographs was to communicate the healing effect natural environments have on the body. Looking at the interplay between skin, light, water and different textures, we wanted to create something soothing for the eye.”

The We are Nature® photographs by Honey Long and Prue Stent, commissioned by Orchard St. Founder, Kirsten Shanks will be released across Orchard St. from April 8.

Elevating the collective experience of wellness since 2012, Orchard St. exists as a conduit to connect us to the healing potential of nature. Across four iconic Sydney spaces (Paddington, Bondi, Bronte and Manly) through a naturopath curated product range including potent and pure herbal medicines, conscious lifestyle wares and their signature juice cleanse offerings, Orchard St. beautifully illustrates how to weave the transformative power of plant medicines into daily life.

Plant medicine is at the core of all Orchard St. offerings with the ultimate intention to elevate our experience of wellness and in doing so, foster a greater reverence for Mother Earth. From her spiritual perspective of Non-Duality, or ‘Interbeing’, founder and creative director Kirsten believes that plants may serve to awaken the awareness that there is no separation between us and nature, that We are Nature®

Orchard St. will celebrate their ten year anniversary later this year with evolved offerings to be announced. Orchard St. have been a pioneer in the wellness industry and continue to support the daily lives of their vibrant community.

Honey Long and Prue Stent are represented by ARC ONE Gallery in Melbourne.