Areez Katki Studio — Midsummer 2018

A look at the new release from Areez Katki Studio that continues to explore colour and form on the surface of a hand-knitted textile…

The midsummer 2018 offering includes the Izmir top, made of yarn sourced from the Western Aegean coast of Turkey, and a lightweight vegetable-dyed silk scarf…

Textiles for the scarf were sourced during Areez’s research trips around Turkey, India and Portugal; they were cut into two sizes: a generous Wrap & short Neckerchief. Each pieces is hand-embroidered with a series of playful markings in cotton thread, inspired by earlier artworks produced during Areez’s travels. Each piece is finished with hand-rolled edges that leave one side on the selvedge to celebrate the integrity of the textile mill it originated from.






Handcrafted in New Zealand.
Limited pieces are available from and Georgia Jay Bags

Imagery by Olivia Renouf