Be water, my friend

“There is so much to marvel at when considering the substance of water, that of which we’re largely made of.  An impenetrable softness, water’s transformability has been a cause for study in Taoism & Bruce Lee’s famous meditations…”  — Melissa Mikletic of Sunshine Symbol’s latest collection Be Water, My Friend.


…I think, in essence, it’s adaptable nature and resilience through changing circumstances and environment is one that has lured many to adopt its mentality. To question how to become like water, in resistance of the brittle. Ever changing, parts evaporating, raining down again.  A cyclical immortality, a state of flow.  Perhaps something to hold as our lives change with dizzying rapidity, water’s teachings.

Be water, my friend.” 


Photographer Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd

Muse Jena Hall at Giant Management

Creative Direction and Styling Sunshine Symbol 

Assistant Creative Tilda Cole

Beauty Elizabeth Ivy

Lighting Assistant Rebecca-Marian Irene