Catherine Boddy by Constance McDonald

Catherine Boddy of @boddypart is photographed and interviewed, wearing her own collection of gloves, by friend Constance McDonald, November 30, 2021…

Good morning, Catherine. Let’s start with a big question: why gloves? 

Gloves are so whimsical and romantic. In Old Hollywood cinema it’s super chic to see so many people wearing gloves. Gloves are not as prominent now in the modern world because we need our fingers for touch screens etc. My gloves allow for the arm to be covered but to be able to do everything you need to. There’s a convenient glove resurgence right now because of Covid.

You make in a shared studio place, how does that inform your work? 

I really like having other sewers around me because they see what I’m making while I’m making it and give me a big “yes” or some constructive feedback. They are also really hard-working which keeps me on track. We are going to become the Antwerp Six and take over the fashion world.

You and Heather Brennan Evans recently collaborated on some gloves. Do you enjoy the collaborative process?

Yes, I love it! Right now I am working on another collaboration with my jeweller bestie Nicole. It’s going to be super hot. And you and I are also working on something exciting.

Do you have a favourite collection?

At the moment it is D&G Spring 2002 for the ribbons, silhouettes, the combination of cargos and corsets, and of course, the arm warmers.

Do you have a piece of creative advice that has stuck with you?

Ed said to make things that fit well. So many things look so swag but fit so poorly.

Do you collect anything?

Candlesticks and clothes. I love Wee Willie Winkie candle holders.

Do you have a film that you like to re-watch?

Chinatown (1974) is my favourite film. I fantasise about swapping my gloves out for the ones Faye Dunaway wears. I think she would like them. During lockdown I re-watched all the Sex and the City seasons and movies. I am so inspired by it.

Is there anything you want to do this summer that you’ve never done before?

I want to go surfing! Someone teach me how to surf!

What is your signature cocktail?

Bloody Mary, but recently have been enjoying creating wild salt ring combinations on Margaritas.

What about a crowd-pleaser platter?

All the different Castello cheeses, with some pear. A keto-genic diet has been forced upon me by Ed, so this is a bit of a difficult question.

What is the ultimate 2021 summer uniform?

Catherine Boddy gloves and a Diamond Tube Top, with a Crappy Lovely Ibiza Micro Mini, Hello Kitty coconut body mist, Manolo strappy kitten heels, Heather Brennan Evans hat, Emma Jing XL scrunchie. McChicken, when I’m not being keto, and coconut water in hand. A handbag with Aesop deodorant that doesn’t work but smells good and Mitchum to actually do the job, lip liner and an Archie comic. Most of that is available at Sabotage.

Last question, what’s next for @boddypart?

I’m making skorts and swimming skirts in my signature patchwork diamonds for summer, these will come out very soon. I am also working on matching sock-wear. I am all about matching sets.

Thank you, Catherine!

You can find Catherine on instagram @boddypart. Her pieces are available to purchase through Sabotage MFG

Photography Constance McDonald

Styling Catherine Boddy and Constance McDonald

Model Catherine Boddy

Featuring gloves, tube top, shorts and dress by Catherine Boddy