Kareen Durbin of Companion Co-design on “becoming a mother, being at home daily and noticing the objects surrounding her — those lived with / that co-created; reconfiguring / totems forming, mini monuments emerging via staring at the same old things through hours of feeding & soothing, in states of semi consciousness…”

Considering the pleasure derived in small things: 

Cognitive of blessed glimpses of sea (previously forgetting) 

Treasures, at a glance worthless but emboldened by secret narratives 

Foods that fortify

Occasional progress, now unassumed gifts

An individual’s incremental process of perceiving / introducing the whole world to one who does not yet know it –– she is becoming enamoured by my favourite tree also, so on & so forth.

But I already miss the iterations of herself already gone. Will this be my life –– falling in love with each fleeting current expression, to be surpassed without immediate notice in quick succession –– wearing the weight of never being quite present enough to take her all in, as she grows amongst our collection of static possessions?



Kareen Durbin from Companion Co-design