Sentiments by Jasmin Sparrow

Sustainability is becoming an overused word. Usually referring to (or glorifying) ones standards of production or process, Sustainability, as a term, is beginning to lose its ethical weight…

Believing that a sustainable operation is the way in which a business should already be operating, not something to be congratulated for, Jasmin Sparrow is taking a unique approach with Sentiments — a new online space that promotes the potential longevity in a product.
Sentiments gently educates people to not chase the-rush-of-the-buy with fast trends, but to, instead, make considered and informed purchases that, once arrive, have the ability to take on their own life within their space, on their body and, eventually, are able to be passed down through their family or community.

Sentiments encourages people to consider material, care and storage of their pieces via sophisticated storytelling with Jasmin Sparrow’s circle of women and their most cherished possessions.

[Images by Harry Were]


[Images by Kelly Geddes]


[Images by Ana LaFramboise]



Sentiments by Jasmin Sparrow