Harry, Felix + Mabel for IN BED

Photographer Harriet Were and designer Felix Henning-Tapley recently adopted the hustle of the city for a quiet little bach-style home near the water and dense native bush. Here, they couple find a clarity and focus that fuels their own various projects, quietly refining what is fast becoming their signature aesthetic — a direction they claim comes about from “approaching things in a way that comes naturally. Not thinking about things too much can be very helpful.”

The couple initially met over a mutual appreciation for good shoes and travelling, and it seems lovely timing, then, to meet with Harriet and Felix just after they’ve returned home from a six-week trip to Japan and India, an experience that afforded them the space and time to think, and seems to be informing their next ventures, this time working together.





Images by Greta van der Star. Text by Yasmine Ganley. 
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