Malia Bianchi-Mau for Apiece Apart

Topanga-based jewelry designer Malia Bianchi-Mau is in the midst of a reevaluation. It’s not so much that she has slowed down in the last year; it’s more that she has subtly shifted gears, steering herself to a direction that is more focused and true. Returning to the mountains of Topanga after living around Los Angeles (in between spending part of the year in Joshua Tree and Kauai, where she grew up), she’s found a new sense of calm and purpose this year. It’s an unexpected byproduct of the tumultuous political present, but one that she is fully leaning into. Below, a trip to Topanga and a conversation on grounding in, speaking up, and the in between.




Imagery by Greta van der Star, words by Yasmine Ganley.
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