Milena Silvano — Women & Sheepskin

Women and  Sheepskin  is an ongoing project by Milena Silvano that honours the journey of her one-off and made-to-order pieces once placed in the hands of the women who love to wear them. Each photographed in their environment wearing their bespoke jacket, each woman speaks of her love of sheepskin and how their unique piece lives on in their daily lives. Each statement is, of course, a true homage to Milena and her ability to listen to one’s needs and desires, creating signature details and patchwork for each remarkable woman…




Amanda Kramer by Clare Cottrell



Momo Suzuki by Claire Cottrell




Cesca Dvorak by Ruby Woodhouse




Claudia Nella by Ruby Woodhouse




Jaclyn Rhodes by Claire Cottrell




Lauren Spencer-King by Claire Cottrell



Shiva Rose by Nitsa Citrine




Serena Mitnik Miller by Claire Cottrell


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