An insight to the new perfume oil Woman by Apiece Apart made in collaboration with Emily L’Ami of Bodha

The idea was to create a scent for the sensuous, ever-evolving Apiece Apart woman — a fragrance that a woman wears for herself, celebrating the act of daily ritual while engaging the senses.

“They jokingly referred to it as a ‘fragrance for women who don’t wear perfume’.” — Emily L’Ami, Founder of Bodha.

From a scent development perspective, Emily started by spending time researching and understanding the vision co-founders of Apiece Apart Starr and Laura have for the Apiece Apart woman — what she’s like, her dreams and aspirations, how she wants to feel in the world. From there, Emily developed three scent concepts, each based around a theme and specific heartnote. Apiece Apart selected the second option ‘Unfolding’, which is built around a heartnote of Buddha Wood. The perfume oil Woman is 100% natural, made from essential oils and organic jojoba oil to nourish your skin.

To celebrate the launch of Woman, Apiece Apart are hosting a conversation on ‘the art of personal ritual’ between Bodha Founder Emily  L’Ami and Set Designer and Co-founder of Wherewithal Olivia Sammons at their store in NYC this coming Wednesday 15th November. This event will mark the first gathering of a series Apiece Apart are calling Women Wise, conversations on Coming to Our Senses…