Non- a film by Jack Birtles and Cassandra Kowitz

“The body in space marks the symbiotic relationship of that which surrounds. This presents the obscurity of our contemporary experience of presence. This piece draws reference to the alluring invitation to assume a fixed, bold and worn identity. Through this work, the body, heightened through dramatic symmetry and colour, speaks to not only connect with, but create crisp, gestural imprints

“The interaction of this crafted aesthetic with the environment hopes to capture modern day identity and an investigation into, a visual contemplation of presence. Ultimately this is less about experiencing and more about crafting and sharing through our technological platforms. The body is arrested; mimicking our often overlooked intrinsic abilities to connect in complete stillness, while the rest of our surrounds are breath-taking and in motion.” 






Filmed using 16mm by cinematographer Jack Birtles and director Cassandra Kowitz.