Penny Sage ‘Far Nearer’ Collection Campaign

Another beautiful exclusive for our collaborative series with friends over at NEST TOGETHER, this time a look at Penny Sage‘s ‘Far Nearer’ collection campaign — photographed by one of my favourite women Greta van der Star and featuring the incomparable Zaga Skerletovic.

The strange and mysterious Rockaway Beach lends itself as the backdrop to Penny Sage’s new collection ‘Far Nearer’. In complete contrast to the vacant location, is Zaga Skerletovic – with her warmth, openness and a zinging kind of energy, playing against the deserted landscape. Photographed by Greta van der Star on 35mm film, ‘Far Nearer’ pulls on both of these qualities and somewhere in the middle, at that delicate collision point, lays the indescribable tension that exists within every Penny Sage collection.


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CREATIVE DIRECTION | Kate Megaw of Penny Sage and Greta van der Star

PHOTOGRAPHY | Greta van der Star 

MODEL | Zaga Skerletovic