Sissy Sainte Marie for Anaak

Fabrics and garments created by artisan women in remote places find themselves in the visionary hands of long-time Anaak muse, Los Angeles-based stylist Sissy Sainte-Marie. Through a series of effortless tucks, ties and pairing variations, Sissy styles Anaak’s Spring / Summer 2017 collection in a way that is personal to her. Photographer Greta Van Der Star visited Sissy at her 1930’s Spanish hillside home in Los Feliz. Together, the women wander through Sissy’s print references, paw at her jewellery box and catch themselves a little Californian sunshine…

“Sometimes I lend, sometimes I assert, sometimes I keep my head down. Depends on the client and what I read from them. I have a few totems I refer to for research and inspiration. The element of collaboration is different with every project. I love when everyone on the team trusts one another and magic happens organically.” — Sissy Sainte Marie







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