Areez Katki Studio ‘01.10.2017’ featuring Derya Parlak

Areez Katki’s ongoing textile practice at Glanville Terrace in Parnell is not a seasonal affair. It is not organized by collection, nor is it stylistically cohesive. Instead, garments are divided into families of ‘Series’ as opposed to collections.

Areez find fibers derived from various breeds of sheep, silkworms and plants, endeavouring to study their characteristics and treat those fibres with careful consideration & respect – whilst including them in his creative practice. This, like any craft practice, he says, will constantly develop and grow.

This ‘Series’ celebrates the ‘Composition’ and ‘Egyptian cotton’ garments, photographed in Areez’s studio by friend and collaborator Olivia Renouf.

Composition Series

Based on form study drawings by Areez Katki (2012-2017) in conte, ink & watercolour on cotton paper. These studies are based on the interior and exterior spaces in various cityscapes, being responded to using synesthetic reactions. They each correspond with a roman numeral that results in the title of each garment that a drawing is based on.

These garments are all standardised in size & shape, however every handknitted textile surface retains its corresponding drawing’s unique motif. The series currently has three styles: Sweater, Tunic & Keyhole Vest.




Egyptian Cotton Series

After a number of visits to the Aegean coast of Turkey between 2014-2015, Areez discovered a small village adjacent to Izmir that was home to spinners and dyers who dealt predominantly in the cotton thread milling industry. This resulted in a close relationship with some of the spinners, who now produce a special twisted Egyptian Cotton yarn and then dye threads using vegetable or AZO-free eco dyes – Based on annually commissioned colour references that are an ongoing collaboration between makers.



These garments are now available for sale or custom order through the maker’s studio –directly and worldwide for the first time.

Photography — Olivia Renouf. Styling — Derya Parlak