Nikau Cafe — The Cookbook

Over the past two decades, Nikau Cafe, run by Kelda Hains and Paul Schrader, has become somewhat of an institution in Wellington, widely regarded as one of the countries best cafe. To celebrate their devotion to serving fresh, seasonal food, the cafe have released a cookbook which documents the process and makings of the café’s classic dishes.

Chef Kelda’s food is informed by her love of gardening and produce – seasonal cooking is at the heart of every dish.

“I wanted to show how I think about ingredients and how I decide what to cook. Essentially, I am produce led… and once you have that freshness, it’s about not fiddling with your produce, just standing back and letting it shine.”

Following a full growing season of ingredients, the cookbook project started in August 2016. Each chapter is named after a dish served at Nikau, with variations and accompanying recipes that allow the home cook to build their own menus. Douglas Johns’ almost-documentary style photography offers a glimpse of the moods and daily rhythms of the kitchen…






Nikau Cafe The Cookbook is now available through their website: