Entwine – Chief Studio

Chief Studio‘s Resort 2020 collection was inspired by designer Zoe Ellis’s chance encounter with Man Ray’s series Le Collier Tragique depicting Mademoiselle Dorita, a cabaret dancer, wrestling with a snake. 
A beautiful depiction of the female form, but with palpable tension within: this is a woman who is both liberated and subjugated.  This wonderment, tension and curiosity manifested itself in a journey through colour, print, texture and symbolism.
A touch as light as whispers,
A tendril dry as ash,
Her movements speak of golden dawns,
Her smile is unabashed,
The vines coil in around her,
Insidious and cruel,
But lithe she treads through gardens green,
She hunts, she sees, she rules

Director/Editor/Photographer Jordan Kirk 
Videographer Aislinn Lowe 
Hair and Make up Sacha Lorge 
Music  Lachie Brookman